As with any vibrant community, we have many issues that come up that affect our daily lives. We live in a county where we can have an impact with our thoughtful input. In the future, our website will be adding new issues as they arise in the community. We welcome your input about new issues that affect our community.

Salt Dome

The Salt Dome and adjacent properties are going to be redeveloped in the coming years. We have been strong proponents for encouraging the creation of a park and neighborhood meeting facility. We continue to monitor the County's work on this property and will report news as we hear it. more -->


The schools serving our community are Discovery Elementary, Williamsburg Middle School and Yorktown High School. We are concerned by overcrowding in the Middle and High Schools and will keep you informed as we work with the County to address this issue. more -->

Lee Highway

Arlington County is currently working on a Lee Highway Revisioning Plan that will have significant impact on the section of Lee Highway that is part of our community. We will be monitoring their pans and providing input as the plans are developed. more -->

Fire Station #8

Fire Station #8 is going to be rebuilt in its current location. We worked hard to ensure that the County understood our needs and desires during the decision process and we are monitoring the progress of the rebuilding process. more -->