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Recent Update from Facebook: Urgent Salt Storage Facility Update

ODCA neighbors,
As you may know, the rusty green salt storage facility at 25th St. and Old Dominion has been in disrepair for years. Recently the County determined that it was unsafe for use. They had intended to tear it down and build a temporary facility on the same site. Now they have decided that they don't have time to do that, and the county is proposing to build a new, 47 foot tall, cement, steel and canvas salt storage facility, on the corner of 26th Street and Old Dominion.

This is the entrance to our neighborhood, the green space we refer to as Dominion Green, and where the county proposed to build the fire station a few years ago. As part of that debate, the country board chair at the time promised that they would build a neighborhood park of at least one acre on this site. There is no park as part of this plan, and we would be left with an industrial facility on the corner and an old rusty, storage tank remaining on the current site. We recognize the importance of having the ability to store salt and keep the roads safe in Winter, but believe that this can be accomplished while minimizing neighborhood disruption and elimination of important open space.

The county desires to move quickly to have it built in time for snow season, so they are proposing that the County Board approve it NEXT WEEK (July 16-20), and to begin construction in August! There is no plan for the overall site, no plan to include any space for the community, and the zoning for this site remains residential, but they are in a hurry and will attempt to change the zoning and begin construction asap.

There was be a site tour on Monday morning (July 16) at 8am with staff from the County Department of Environmental Services (DES). If you are interested or concerned, please try to find out more aabout this site meeting. If you were not able to attend, please contact your County Board members to let them know your thoughts. You can find their email addresses here: Arlington County Board Members
Thanks for your interest and involvement!

From Arlington County regarding the site visit

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning at 8 a.m. to discuss the salt tank at 26th and Old Dominion. We plan to meet at the gate closest to where the existing salt tarp/dome is currently located. There is open parking across the street.

We look forward to a productive walk through and to answering any questions you may have with our proposal.

Jessica Baxter
Communications Manager
Arlington County Department of Environmental Services
Office: 703-228-3152 | Cell: 571-289-2677
2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Ste. 900
Arlington, VA 22201

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Nextdoor: On Nextdoor, you can express your thoughts with the ODCA and extended Arlington community and read what others are saying. Also, Arlington County posts some notices of their activities on this site.
Website Contact: Feel free to send us a message and share your thoughts so we can present a fair and balanced assessment of this difficult issue.

Arlington County
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Salt Dome / Dominion Green Property

The salt facility, located at N. 25th St. and Old Dominion Dr, has been in need for renovation/replacement for many years.

Arlington Capital Improvement Plan

This facility serves as the primary source of salt for street and road treatment during winter in North Arlington. Arlington County would like to replace and enlarge the salt dome according to its latest Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Community Concerns

Although ODCA residents acknowledge the need to upgrade this facility there are many concerns that the community has.

This plot of land could be used for a much needed park to serve the ODCA community.

Also, among the community concerns are what environmental mitigation measures will the County take to ensure that any salt and brine runoff will not negatively affect the headwaters of Donaldson Run (adjacent to the salt dome). Also, many local communities across the nation are reevaluating the use of salt as the primary chemical for road treatment during snow storms.

Communities have switched to the use of beet juice(environmentally friendlier) or a combination of salt and beet juice. Although Arlington County uses beet juice to some degree it has not actively explored a switch to beet juice. ODCA strongly recommends that the county look at this solution rather than continuing to use the environmentally unfriendly salt. A switch to beet juice could significantly change the approach to the renovation/rebuild of the current salt dome. The physical configuration could mean that an expanded salt dome is not needed - and a much needed park could be built on this property. ODCA continues to press the county on this issue.