Salt Dome

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Salt Dome / Dominion Green Property

The salt facility, located at N. 25th St. and Old Dominion Drive, has been in need for renovation/replacement for many years.

Arlington Capital Improvement Plan

This facility serves as the primary source of salt for street and road treatment during winter in North Arlington. Arlington County would like to replace and enlarge the salt dome according to its latest Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Community Concerns

Although ODCA residents acknowledge the need to upgrade this facility there are many concerns that the community has. Among the community concerns are what environmental mitigation measures will the County take to ensure that any salt and brine runoff will not negatively affect the headwaters of Donaldson Run (adjacent to the salt dome). Also, many local communities across the nation are reevaluating the use of salt as the primary chemical for road treatment during snow storms.

Many communities have switched to the use of beet juice(environmentally friendlier) or a combination of salt and beet juice. Although Arlington County uses beet juice to some degree it has not actively explored a switch to beet juice. ODCA strongly recommends that the county look at this. A switch to beet juice could significantly change the approach to the renovation/rebuild of the current salt dome. The physical configuration could mean that an expanded salt dome is not needed. ODCA will continue to press the county on this issue.