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On November 6-9, 2015 – a community-wide charrette was held. More than 300 residents participated. The result was a joint community vision for a more economically vibrant, walkable, attractive Lee Highway corridor – one that benefits neighborhoods and the business community. This vision was sent to the Arlington County Manager’s office with a request that the County Board appoint and fund a Task Force. The County agreed and a Task Force was formed in 2017.

The History of the Lee Highway Revisioning Plan

On February 23, 2013, a grassroots strategic partnership for re-visioning Lee Highway began moving forward with Presidents of 12 Lee Highway civic associations, including Old Dominion Citizens Association.

Meetings and Educating

Civic association presidents and other CA representatives, as well as business and land owners along Lee Highway, met monthly at a series of breakfasts and walking tours. They explored several relevant topics including: land use planning and zoning; smart growth; urban design; housing; historic preservation; transportation; parking; signage; demographic trends; transferable development rights; and new economic opportunities. Educational forums were held until the summer of 2015, with the final forum on Retail development, sponsored by JBG.

The Lee Highway Alliance (LHA) also sponsored a re-visioning phase

Five community meetings were held. The first co-sponsored by ODCA, was held October 22, 2014, 7:30 pm, at Taylor Elementary School. At this meeting, 80 participants of Waverly Hills, Donaldson Run, Old Dominion, and Waycroft-Woodlawn discussed their vision for improved placemaking, including safe streets for pedestrians and bicyclists, improved streetscapes and transit, preservation of residential neighborhoods, cultural resources, open space, and other issues. Four other community meetings were held with communities along Lee Highway, and hundreds of people participated in this preliminary re-visioning exercise.